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Adventure Awaits

At the heart of true adventure lies the unquestionable possibility of danger and fortune. Those who launch toward the unknown do not seek catastrophe or misfortune, but inevitably some find it. And those who are lucky enough to stumble onto a treasure chest in broad daylight filled with spoils often question how much skill played into their search. That question keeps the hungry searching, the tired up at night, the restless lingering a little longer. Until their day comes... but to what end: riches or death? 


White Sea Games, LLC is a board game company that was established to unite family and friends to partake in an adventure through board games. While the company is new, the passion behind the brand started long ago. Our primary work is designing, developing, marketing, and selling board games, card games, and other tabletop related products through funding sources like Kickstarter. Our ultimate aim is to create games that lure customers with stunning art, hook them with thematic experiences, and compel them to stay lifelong fans by delivering authentic joy.

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